Japan Music Distribution

Japan is said to be great place for music distribution as it is the second best in terms of retailing. This information already makes you just want to jump at any opportunity to get your music into the Japanese atmosphere to see how it will be received. There are tons of music distribution services in Japan and it gets hard to chose which to work with at times but then as the bringer of good news, I bring you great news! Beatrising now distributes in Japan. Amidst all the competition in the music distribution industry, Beatrising is keen on moving forward and taking great music along with it and now it is in Japan which means that your music is also in Japan.

Online music distribution is experiencing great increase in Japan, everyone is hopping on the boat they feel will bring them to lime light and Beatrising is offering now just any boat, but a speed boat. With the rate of growth so far, Beatrising is about dominating the world of music with its great distribution tactics. We are in Japan guys! You can join us by just hopping on our speedboat with your awesome sound and let us make the world

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