For music lovers, music seems to have far from the initial days. While Vinyl was the hot favourite of music lovers then most music critics argue that it is gone and no one wants to purchase a vinyl form of track these days. With changing times and the advent of digital distribution the argument seems logical and in keeping with the flow.

However here at this Vinyl section you will know how Beatrising is keeping the love for Vinyl alive. We understand that the traditional music buffs can go to any extent to get this format back in their lives. Hence we make sure to distribute your vinyl records the world over because there are still lot many people willing to take the hard copy in their hands. At our in house vinyl pressing distribution your Vinyl is stocked, processed and shipped as per the orders placed.

We at Beatrising understand the magic of a Vinyl format if music and that is why we make attempts for it to never lose its importance. For us all the tracks being processed are equal and thus we give our undivided attention to its market accessibility, promotion and distribution without causing even one bit if trouble to you. No longer does the music artist or label have to throng the post office in order to get the records provided to customers. Once you give us the privilege of handling your track you can rest as we ensure that your vinyl copy reaches out to maximum listeners.

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