Playperview: WASTED EP

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Evod: A Child S Eyes

Evod presents A Child’s Eyes, an EP with an old-school imprint. Bright Enigma is very psychedelic and mystic thanks to the main sound that is th…

New Releases

Often we are left wondering about the dearth of music albums and artists entering the industry on a regular basis. Every year the much new talent is launched in the market and if the music is likable they find many takers. Lack of knowledge about the launch, however, stops many artists from getting the recognition that they rightly deserve. In fact, some of the labels vanish without a trace as most listeners never get to know about them.

However, here at New Releases you can get to know all about the new releases as soon as they are launched and ready to be presented. Not only that you also are made aware of all the labels and music artists which have or planning to bring out an album for their audience soon. This along with all the details about the launch date, time and other trivia makes this a win-win situation for the music lovers as they are exposed to such details which are otherwise not available on the internet willingly.

With our write-ups the listeners never feel that they are disadvantaged and have not got information about what trends rule in the music industry. However, when they read about the manner in which new releases are getting recognition in the world the listeners actually get to understand what goes behind the success of any new album. In fact, it is such a commitment from our side that readers who want to stay aware of things keep coming to our website for more information.

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