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Playperview | Dashdot Gabe BONDI | WASTED EP The South American summer approaches and Warung Recordings brings an EP packed with the typical heat of t…


Initially, when the music industry started becoming popular there were very limited avenues of growth. Most of the times people were focussed on getting their album known a process which would take a lot of their time and effort and in turn giving returns which were not so much as per expectations. Thankfully digital distribution made its foray in the last decade and the same information could now be circulated worldwide and without any restrictions of time and area. Upon trusting a reliable digital distribution firm people got an incomparable promotion which they were looking for desperately at this stage.

Digital Music Spotlight gives the readers a brief idea of all those music albums who have ventured into getting their albums to get a digital touch. Every day we find out about all those music artists and albums which have been able to get the digital to connect and are now ruling the hearts of money. We compile a list of some of them and publish them so that you can get an idea of it too.

At our blog, readers can delve deep into the mechanism of digital distribution and understand how it is going to benefit from the new releases that are venturing into the market. With our focused and detailed reporting, you can get to know those minute details about these releases which are otherwise not easy to identify. You can explore more about the albums on the basis of this

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