Evod: A Child S Eyes

Evod presents A Child’s Eyes, an EP with an old-school imprint. Bright Enigma is very psychedelic and mystic thanks to the main sound that is th…


Music has expanded its vistas and how. From just having few music artists ruling the roost till a few years back there is no dearth of new talent entering the market. More and more people want to bring forth their musical talent in front of the world. Some of them, however, face the problem of their releases not getting the kind of recognition they were planning to.

Here, on Vinyls Spotlight, we give you details of all  new release of popular tracks happening the world over. We also tell you about how that particular album and its tracks have been created and what is it that makes them so different from others. Our careful expert analysis scrutinizes the tracks and tells you all the hard work and idea that went behind creating the same. In fact, we also give you a sneak preview into the album track and you can get to know the true essence of the same.

When music lovers visit the page they can get a quick roundup of all the new music that has or is about to enter the industry. Details and the option of listening to the track allow you to choose which one suits your taste the most. Along with the trust of the awesome services of Beatrising you are getting the privilege of listening to the track sometimes even before the track is released in the market. This way you are informed about where and how the track and its vinyl can be bought and no sooner it is released you can go and make a purchase.

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