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Each year there are many artists entering the industry on a regular basis. However sometimes due to lack of promotion and distribution, some of them disappear even without making an impact on the minds of the listeners. There are not many places where they can inform people about their music offerings and eventually their tracks are replaced by some other artists. In such circumstances, the music artists have nothing to do except feeling bad about the whole thing.

At Staff Picks the dedicated staff of Beatrising is bringing forth video compilations of the new releases that are striking the market in that particular week. The compilations are carefully chosen and showcase only the music tracks which actually have the potential to create some waves in the music industry. On a weekly basis, the readers get to watch some interesting track compilations and you can choose which ones you would actually like to listen and opt for yourself.

When you go through these compilations you understand the best tracks that you can specifically listen to and choose. Provided in video format the staff picks are clear, concise and easy to decipher. Once going through you have a vast range of options available and you would never feel as if you are going to miss any great track. In this manner, even the artists and music labels do not feel cheated as they are included if their tracks are worth listening to.  They also get much better exposure and the music lovers get their choice of music all in one place.

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