Beatrising New Weekly Releases #50

Beatrising New Weekly Releases #50
5uinto Records 5uinto Club Ampispazi Recordings Frenk DJ Level One Records Blackpoint Records TheDjLawyer Kokoprojekt Com.Class Collective Finish Team Records Pasquale Vessa Hoop Records Klaphouse Records Davide Inglese Davide Inglese Tyler Coey Valentina Minus Habens Minus Habens Records Ivan Iusco Optogram Playperview Bruno Belluomini Bruno Belluomini Purple Hexagon Records Kikx Purple Hexagon Records Laera Giuseppe Syncopate Alessandro Grops SK Recordings Gianni Firmaio Gianni Firmaio Luca M Switch Off Records Acid Fruits Brasília Acid Fruits Gabriel Boni
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