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One form of electronic music that has greatly being brought to light and being highly appreciated by the listeners is the Electronic Dance Music, more commonly referred to as EDM. It is a specific genres that is mainly made for nightclubs, party themes, and music festivals. Such music is usually created for playback by DJs who create continuous assortments of tracks that are called a mix, by transitioning from one music recording to the next.

Beatrising Promopool is a promotion tool that helps DJs, musicians, artists and labels to promote their EDM tracks in a unique way. By becoming a part of the promopool DJs, artists, and labels can go through the songs and work of other musicians. They can do so by paying nothing extra. Moreover, new artists and DJs can get themselves featured in this way and become a familiar name amongst other artists.

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Additionally, Spotlight section provide informative blogs and write-ups on EDM music that will help you throughout your journey. This section is regularly updated with personal interviews and guidance from some of the great artists, including some famous DJs who’ve gained immense appreciation for the EDM tracks they played and became a loved name across various nightclubs and music festivals.

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