Royalties is another very important aspect of the music industry as it involves getting paid for the public performance of your work. There are so many types of music royalties out there and understanding all of them can seem like a load of work but for the preservation of your rights as an artist you have to understand music royalties and how they work so nobody gets to come to you with any cheap lie about its mode of operation. There are the many types of royalties including the mechanical royalties for the reproduction and the distribution of copyrighted works and the public performance royalties and so on. Considering the fact that music royalties have a lot to do with legal work, it all balls down to security at the end of the day. Beatrising is a music distributor that pays royalties to artists, our legal agreement under the condition that a percentage of royalties is given to the artist on sales basis that can also vary depending on the profile of the label. This is a great package for you as an artist, you have guaranteed royalties coming to you when you work with Beatrising, and it is a legal arrangement that works to your benefit.

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