Music videos are a great way to promote your music, think for a moment about the people that do not hear your song on the radio, when they are at home it might just happen to pop up on their television screen. Music videos are very important for the promotion of your music as they give the listeners an image to work with whenever they are listening to you music. Music video promotion is also equally important, it is very wise to promote your music with music videos. It can be sure to guarantee you a large sale on your song, it can help give your music awareness for those that are hearing it for the first time. There are times you find yourself going through some music videos on say YouTube for instance, and then there is that one video with that sound you like – what I do is go online in search of the song and get it on my device. Uploading music videos is of great benefit to your career as an artist as it can build up a sense of awareness for your music as well as raising the level of interest of a new audience.

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