Apple Music provides services that allows you stream songs and videos both online and offline. It is the home to millions of songs from all over the world and it gives you access to all of these songs through its amazing platform. Having your song played on this platform is great for your music career because you have a listening audience – not one or even a million, I’m talking about an audience of say 50 million people. Apple Music is for artists and music lovers and it takes a really good distributor to get your music to the best distributing platforms. Beatrising distributes music on iTunes and Apple Music, your music can be the next to be distributed on these platforms. It is no news that to gain access to great online music stores, you might want to get a distributor and what other distributor is there but the Beatrising. It prides itself in going the extra mile to get its music to the best platforms. Apple Music and iTunes are with no doubt both great platforms for music promotion, they give to you a large audience and with Beatrising as your distributor your music is well protected from any illegal stunts.

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