Digital Music Distribution

Who says you need a record deal to take your music to the next level? That person probably does not know that the worldwide promotion of music has taken a digital turn and the response so far has been truly insane. You can reach out to millions of music lovers all over the globe, far beyond your garage even when you record that song from your garage. There are several music distributors everywhere you turn for example Beatrising distributes music worldwide with the use of its digital platform showing the world that this digital promotion has taking over its centre stage. If this is not great stuff then I don’t know what is! It is more than putting your music up on the internet, it goes way beyond that. Beatrising places importance on digital distribution and they provide a home for this to occur allowing the owner of the music to at the same time make profit – what I am saying is that you can sell your music online creating a fan base that is set everywhere in the world. Using record labels for publicity is going out of style and worldwide digital promotion has never been better, it is the new cool.

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