Indie Music Promotion

Being an indie musician means having a constant threat to survive in the industry, let alone become famous and gain popularity amongst fans. In the early days of digital music, indie musicians had to first produce and then promote their music themselves. From start to end, everything was to be managed by the artists, and it was truly terrifying back then, because they did not have access to a powerful tool called the social media.

With the introduction and increased accessibility of the web, indie musicians have been trying their hands at a variety promotional techniques that would help them get more listeners for their music. Creating professional videos for their music, sharing their experience on music blogs, preparing song covers to get more view, are a few methods that indie musicians are increasing adopting.

Beatrising helps you with your music in not only distributing it to some of the popular streaming platforms, it also provides a blogging space for indie musicians that will provide for them as a platform to promote their music as this, accompanied with the spotlight section are increasingly gaining popularity and more and more music-loving readers are turning their heads over to Beatrising Spotlight along with its amazingly written quote of the day section.

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