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Really happy to have on board a partner like Davide and his Daviddance Records Music Group labels. It is definitely one of the best managers we have s…


A service is successful only when it is able to satisfy the needs of its customers.  In fact, even the customers trust in the credentials of a service when they find that a lot of other customers like them have been able to take the benefit of the same. When we want to subscribe to any service whether it is music distribution or other we want an assurance that we are handing over the work to the correct person.

We introduce you to our wide range of customer base and what opinion they hold of our service. You can read through the testimonials and find out why so many artists, music labels and DJ’s are entrusting the digital distribution of their work to us. In fact, you can also see the wide variety of clients that we already have and what you stand to gain by joining hands with us.

Beatrising makes sure to provide only quality work to its customers and once you read their reviews you realize how impressed they are with the service provided. You can look around and find out how beneficial it is for a new music artist to look forward and work with Beatrising. This would remove all your inhibitions and you would want to explore the idea of partnering with us. The testimonials are live proofs of how effective Beatrising services have been to existing customers and the soon you understand that the more you can take benefits out of the same.

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