Why is it Important for Artists to Sell Music on Spotify

Amongst cut-throat competition in the music streaming segment of the digital music market, two names clearly stand out in terms of popularity. These are Spotify and Apple Music with their par excellence services and widespread reach. This commonly known fact makes it very important for the artist to get their music uploaded on Spotify.


Spotify services offer tremendously user friendly interface on desktop, as well as mobile interfaces whether Android or iOS. Being one of the earliest inventors of on-demand streaming services, Spotify offers free, advertisement based desktop interface, and with increasing popularity for streaming services, listeners are increasingly opting in for paid subscription. Benefits of choosing to be a paid subscriber not only helps you get rid of the ads it also enables you to select on demand music through you mobile phone devices.

In the highly competitive streaming industry, Spotify holds the position of being the industry leader, making it an inevitable choice for artists as well as labels to release their music on this platform. While its competitors offer some unique, hard-to-say-no-to features, Spotify is the best and most complete, natural, and hassle-free service that is available. And, Beatrising music distribution partners with Spotify to make your music available to the masses and helping you access a large fan base in a short span.

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