There are many digital music distributors available in the world, which can help you distribute your music across various platforms. There is neck to neck competition between these distributors and in order to gain an edge over competitors, digital distributions companies offer additional services and features that are able to attract clients to them and artists select them as their distribution partners.

A helping hand for music producers

In a similar fashion, Beatrising offers many additional services, which prove to be helpful in for artists in creating new and innovative music and at the same time Beatrising offers support to their clients in distributing their music globally.

Spotlight is a similar service that Beatrising offers that keeps you well informed on all details about your favorite artists or music labels. There are interviews and articles from popular artists that are published from time to time as well, where the fans get to know about what plans they have for the future. Beatrising not just keeps its attention on artists and music labels, they also keep a regular focus on popular DJs as well. Spotlight updates its readers if a well-known DJ plans to visit their city, so that you do not miss a chance to meet up with your favorite artist or a DJ.

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