When you enter the music industry the first thought that comes to mind is whether we would be ably compensated for our efforts or not. The fear is more so since we know every week new artists and labels are trying to establish themselves. In such a scenario making your strong foothold in the industry is a tough task to accomplish. However what happens if you get a platform where your songs would be played and you provided the compensation for the same.

Monetization gives you the benefit of getting your tracks monetized and gain financial benefits from the same. A SoundCloud profile needs to be created and in return, your tracks are made available for a wider audience to listen to. With zero opening fees, the pre-support staff ensures that all your tracks are cleared and uploaded as soon as possible. Once all your songs and profiles are given the clearance the monetization of the same would start.

Monetization means that the ads will be played at the time your tracks are also being played. Allowing easy uploading facility the payments are provided to the artist monthly or quarterly. Not only that even if your song is still in the process of clearance the monetization process would be on for it. Basically, the services provided on the SoundCloud are similar to YouTube the only difference being in the procedures. No more worrying about earning money as the sound cloud feature at Beatrising is sure to get the cash coming in.

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