Getting your Electronic Music on Beatport

Beatport is the heart of electronic music. It is the platform where DJs, fans as well as creators connect with each other and share the music they have. Getting on Beatport is truly beneficial for any artist who works in the field of electronic music as they become well equipped with discovery tools along with playlists that are very good for your music. Beatport offers music to be in format of WAV, AIFF and MP3s files and is a home to a digital store enabling users to download music, thereby, offering you multiple benefits in just a single bundled platform. Apart from the offers, Beatport also offers reliability and trust for the artists because of being the oldest name in electronic dance music services offered till today.


Beatport dj & dance music, track & mixes services are one of the best in the industry, bringing in good news for Beatrising clientele in the EDM segment, because Beatrising partners with Beatport and distributes your electronic music to the latter’s platform. In addition to the distribution service, our clients also benefit from the daily sales data from Beatport in the form of a report, along with regularly updated information on Beatport charting subscriber statistics. Thus, selecting Beatrising as your distribution partner can help you get your music on this multi beneficial portal easily.


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