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As the music industry has progressed so has changed the plethora of expansion for new artists. Thanks to digital distribution and online payment the artists get a chance to get popular as soon as their tracks enter the market. With the world becoming so close-knit most artists and labels are on top of the game even before they can even think of. However, at times, the lack of proper payment modes sours the relationships and even success of tracks does not translate into money.

Artist Profile is a facility in which both artists and labels can avail of to their advantage. This is a direct payment service where Beatrising is going to pay all your artists even if they are based in locations where making payments is tough. The facility allows the artists to make requests for payment basis their royalty earnings which are calculated from the sales figures. All the payments that are being made are however informed to the label so that they do not feel left out.

An extremely hassle-free arrangement when artists and labels start using the facility they get a transparency in their payments. None of the parties have to take any kind of pressure as all the work is handled by Beatrising itself. The payments made are prompt and done as per the need and requirement of the artist. On the other hand, just after signing the artist account the label can rest peacefully as most of the payments are handled by Beatrising without any worries.

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