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We live in a world where there is high level of competition in every field, and the music industry is not different. With greater integration across nations, there is absolutely no deficiency for good talented artists and musicians. Every day thousands of songs by hundreds of artists are released over streaming and downloading platforms worldwide. In such a hard core competitive scenario, an artist needs more than just a digital music distributor. They prefer the aggregators who are able to offer some additional services that can win them their edge over all other artists.

DJ Promotion

With that though in mind, Beatrising offers a unique but very effective service for their clients. This is the Promopool service that provides online DJ promotion. This is a system that is put in place so that listeners who are willing to send their music personally to someone can do so, and at the same time they can work out real time statistics while observing and evaluating feedback. The Promopools setup is useful in promotion of your new releases as it will increase an artist’s visibility on social media platforms and video websites. This gives you 100% control over the customization of your promo campaigns thereby getting more than 4500 new DJ e-mails as part of a bonus to welcome contact package.

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