The music we listen to is a reflection of our mindsets. These days’ music lovers can go to any step to favor and appreciate their favorite artists and music promotion is the artist’s way to let them know about his music. Music promotion needs to be done carefully and any activities should not be over the top or try to make a wrong impression. It is therefore important that artists trust only those services who actually understand the importance of the same.

Here at this Promotion section artists get a chance to portray their tracks and albums to the world over. By joining the promo pool artists, DJ’s, labels etc. can review tracks of other artists and that too without paying any extra money. Apart from that new artists can get themselves featured and become recognized amongst the other labels and artists.

Here artists and labels can also learn tricks to garner more and more followers on different social media platforms. Apart from that explore and get to know how the music industry moves to accept new talent. If you are one on the featured list of Beatrising you would be informed promptly so that you can also understand the implications and benefits of being there. Our playlists are often featured on other streaming platforms like Spotify and you can also get there by being a part of our team. In the end, if you are unaware of music promotion and what goes behind it then that aspect is

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