How to Get Your Music in 150+ Digital Stores Worldwide

For any artist, it is an absolute dream come true to see the songs they created on top lists of popular music platforms, whether download portals or streaming services. Every musicians strives hard to gain that popularity. But in order to reach the desired stage, a musician has to take the first few steps very carefully. One of these stepping stones include the selection of the right music distributor for you work.

Music distribution services are offered by aggregators that partner up with to streaming platforms in the world and get your music listed on Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, etc. Beatrising is one such aggregators that offers the best-in-class services for your music. We are specialized in HD quality Digital Music Distribution with keen interest, knowledge and expertise across electronic music. With a customer base of over 5,000 labels and artists, we continuously collaborate with the topmost digital stores and streaming platform services who have presence spread globally.

Digital Music Service

Beatrising distribution charges a nominal percent cut from royalties completely based on sales, which may vary depending on a label’s profile. Therefore, charging only according to the work done and not anything extra. Therefore, an artist must consider partnering up with Beatrising to make your music list on only the best digital store present, with additional promotional marketing support offered tracks released.

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