Evod: A Child S Eyes

Evod presents A Child’s Eyes, an EP with an old-school imprint. Bright Enigma is very psychedelic and mystic thanks to the main sound that is th…


The world over music has made its reach felt. Fans eagerly wait with bated breath about any new concerts or programs that their favorite artist is planning. Not only that they maintain scrapbooks and other memorabilia which can remind them of the star they love the most. But information of this kind is scarce and difficult to trace and find on the internet making it a herculean task not easily accomplished.

Here at Spotlight we keep you updated on all such details about your favorite artists or music labels. At regular intervals, you also get to read their interviews and know about what they are planning in future. In fact, it is not only artists and music labels that we focus our attention on. We also talk about the popular DJ’s who are being loved by listeners and even share their experiences with them. If a known DJ is coming to your city you get to know that through us and you can also go and spend some time there.

When readers visit our blog they get to understand the true nature of their artists and the struggles they had to face while trying to make a foray into the industry. It is only after reading about them do the listeners actually associate in a better manner with them. Not only that they are able to read about the future concerts that their artist is planning and how they can book tickets for the same. This gives them leverage and they are able to plan their rendezvous with the music artist.

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