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For a music lover finding the best place to listen to all his favorite tracks is an almost impossible task. While most of them keep searching the internet for links these are either broken or not reliable at all. At some places, the tracks provided are done using wrong methods and if you are a part of it you also become a part of it.  In case you even manage to find a place where you can find out all of them the fees charged is too high to actually even consider using the service.

However, here at Compilations, you get the benefit of Indahouse compilations. This service is a fantastic method for music lovers to create a compilation of all the tracks from a database of nearly 2 lakh tracks. You can select as many tracks as you want from either your back catalog or even fresh new entries. Not only that you can even create some fresh compilations for yourself without any hassles.

Once you place a request to us we make sure to take a permission to share the track from its original label. As and when we receive the permissions we intimate you so you can proceed further. All the sales for each track are managed through the Beatrising website only so you do not have to worry about any fraudulent transactions. In the tool, we take care to only suggest you tracks which we know you are going to like. Apart from that we also ensure that only those tracks are included in the database whose labels are fine with this arrangement.

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