China Music Distribution

China is a vast body containing a large population of people, people who can be said to love music at least to an extent that is considerable. Beatrising however distributes in China meaning that your music can now board the next Beatrising plane to China and then grace the ears of the music lovers in China. China music comes in its unique variety but there is always room for new music and Beatrising having understood that has made out a means for music promotion and distribution in and outside China.

It is not a matter of having record labels, that is not a necessity in this case. What matters is having the great music to be promoted and although there are other music distributors in China and music distributors that distribute to China – a lot to choose but Beatrising promises to be the best as it is fast growing in the music promotion industry. It is everywhere and you can trust that China is just one of the many places your music can be taken to and distributed, distributing your music to various streaming services all

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