The reach of music these days is such that world over people acknowledges and appreciate the impact of the same. However, there are many people who pirate the fresh collections and tracks and provide them to music lovers at cheap rates. While we want the listeners to not encourage this crime the menace is still growing by leaps and bounds. In spite of stringent laws, nothing seems to be working as more and more people are losing money because of piracy.

At this section, Anti-Piracy, you get to know the latest news about how music companies, labels, and artists are trying to fend this monster away. Also, you are informed of the various techniques by which the industry is trying to fight back and hence reduce its losses. As listeners, you need to be aware of what anti-piracy laws are being drafted and how they can further our cause. More so when we know that new artists and labels can survive only when they are encouraged promptly something which piracy forbids.

When readers visit our blog they are also made aware of the existing policies related to copyright and what its infringement means. We also tell you why protecting your music from such thieves is so important and what can be done to stop them from getting access to your tracks. You can read about what steps major software companies are taking to bring the situation under control and how as individuals we can contribute. Read with us to know how we all can work together to make these anti-piracy laws successful and help the music industry survive its impact.

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