Managing your music rights with Beatrising

Artists are generally under the impression that that once they have created the music, they have 100% rights to its usage, which is not true. If you fail to protect the music that you develop, there is very high probability that in a short span of time you will be hearing a similar track with another person’s name associated to it, and you will have no substantial evidence to prove that the song is stolen or copied from your original piece. This is where copyrights come into play. To avoid such an event to occur, the first thing you should do is that you must copyright your version so that it is not copied by anyone else, and your song remains original and unique. Copyrighting is not a very costly scheme and it can easily be done through certain agencies.


With Beatrising music distribution, you get services of managing the rights of your music, so that you can distribute your music to all the streaming services absolutely worry free. Furthermore, Beatrising is also equipped with an anti-piracy system, which enables you to continuously track your songs. Therefore, the second your music is uploaded at any portal without you allowing it, the service would become aware of it and would instantly remove it. This is done to assure that there is no copying or duplication of music assuring the safety and originality of your music at all times.

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