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“nextbike Berlin and Deezer are cooperating with each other in Berlin now and renamed the local system Deezer nextbike. With abour 12 million activ users in more than 185 countries Deezer is cur…


Deezer is an online music streaming platform built for the purpose of getting music around the world. It is a great platform for listening to music as it allows you to listen to songs from fantastic record labels such as Sony music and this can be done both online and offline so don’t worry about burning your subscription. Deezer allows you to listen to music and create your very own track, it is great for music production and another great thing you would like to know is the Beatrising distributes music on Deezer. You can get your music on this platform through Beatrising, the best intermediary for you. You don’t need to be signed under any record label to get your song on Deezer, it is home for all very music creators – Deezer does not care whether or not you are an upcoming artiste, it will accept you and help take your music to the next level. When you think music production, you think Deezer as it is an amazing platform for music production.

Beatrising distributes music on Deezer, which is a great avenue for you as a musician to get your music out there and recognised. Think of it as a means

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