First time I came across the name glitch hop, I was confused and even laughed at how crazy music had gotten. But now it is one of my favorites and I do not have many favorites. It is a sub genre of glitch music, almost the same but just a little more urbanized. Glitch hop is a unique and crazy music form that has been accepted by the world and distribution companies worldwide. Glitch hop music distribution is not available on most music distributing platforms and as a glitch hop artist you might find this to be a little challenging. Finding the best distributor is as frustrating as deciding what perfect stocking to hang up on Christmas and although the latter is only applicable to children, the level of frustration can be weighed on a scale – you might even find it more frustrating. Here is the good thing, Beatrising offers held to producers of glitch hop music as well as quotes and spotlight. The beatrising distribution system is one you can rely on wholely for the best results out there and with that being said, it is a trusted source for your glitch hop music distribution.

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