Indie music is all about independence in terms of production and publishing of music, and although being an indie musician might mean making your own publications and doing things all by yourself there are some aspects of music production that as a musician you will require assistance in. The importance of digital distribution cannot be overly exaggerated for any musician out there, it does not matter how different your music is, if you have any intent for it to go far you will have to employ digital music distribution.


This is every indie musicians guide to digital distribution, first find a great musical distributor that will assist you in getting your music on the best online stores in the world – I will recommend Beatrising as they distribute to every known online music platform. The second step will be following up, with Beatrising this step will however not be necessary as they are a reliable and well trusted music distributor.

Being an independent musical genius does not automatically translate to super powers, what every musician out there should know is that the world is going digital and your best market place has to be the internet. Every indie musician needs a digital music distributor.

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