When handing your music over to a distributor, it is only normal that you would want something secure. Everyone loves good security and a legal music agreement gives just that. It holds your rights and control over your music and helps to keep drama out of the way. It is one of the mandatory processes involved in entrusting your music to a distributor. People are everywhere out there scamming artists of their rights to their music and doing all other awful things to them and when such things take place it is difficult to stop them from doing damage as there is no legal document linking you to your music. As an artist you are most definitely in search of a distributor that will respect your rights and provide you with a legal music agreement that will pin all these rights to you and Beatrising has that legal music agreement ready to be signed. All you have to do is make a request by contacting us at for your legal document. We pride ourselves in our ability to bring satisfaction and convenience to our customers.

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