A promopool as what we know it to be is having your music distributed to say Dj (s) to be played at parties or wherever they are to play music. It is another turn to promotion or should I say it gives another turn to music promotion. You have the music industry sending it’s newest releases to the pool of Dj (s) all around having them provide feedback on the response to your music and give your music exposure, publicity. Around the world there are several promopool deals for your music, all made to serve the very purpose of getting your music around the world. Beatrising Promopool service allows you to send your music from one person to the other and it also gives you full time access to monitor their feedback.

You have full control of your promotion, you get to handle it all by yourself – your campaigns are yours and your results are yours. You get to decide what files get to be downloaded. There aren’t many deals that give this much liberty, all you have to is grab hold of this amazing opportunity by going over to the site and selecting the deal that you feel works best for you and take full control of your music.

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