Art Of Remixing: KANDY

Growing up in the cultural melting pot of New York, Kevin Schuppel aka KANDY has earned the respect of both ravers and producers alike by having one of the most diverse sounds while remaining in his o…


As an artist you are probably not new to the term ‘remix’, we know that at certain stages in your music career you have that one song that you would like to play again but perhaps in another way, with a change of beat or a little alteration to the tune. A remixed music is music that has been altered from the way it was and there are no limits to how this can be done. If you have a piece that has been remixed and you are in search of a place where your music can be distributed, look no further because Beatrising is here to save you from all the trouble. Beatrising distributes remix music for artists worldwide. It is no news that we distribute to the best music platforms and we offer guarantee that your songs will be heard by millions of listeners from all around the globe. If you have been searching all around for the best remix music distributors you can rest now and search no more because you just found it. Beatrising distributes your music in a legal and healthy environment, your music is most definitely secure with us and you can count on us to take your music places.

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