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Since June 2016, we are delivering all our labels to Dubset. Thanks to Dubset our labels can legally earn by mix and remix that contain their tracks and sell mixed sets with any track included, no mat…

Music Label

There are so many music labels all around the world that it may be difficult to place a finger on the exact amount. Labels that promote music the way they know how, many up and coming artiste feel the need for a record label for their music to be promoted and although that is not to be the case, we can entirely discard the mentality. Record labels can take your music far but Beatrising takes music labels on a trip around the world. They distribute music labels worldwide, in other terms they take both your music and the label itself around the world and into the ears of listeners.

There are quite the number of successful labels and it would make total and complete sense that new labels would aspire to get up to that level. Well it all starts from selling yourself and the music you have to the world and hopping on the Beatrising train sounds like a good way to start to me. To sell, you need to be heard and to be heard you need to get your music label out there and we’ll to do that you need a great distributor – Beatrising is

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