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Our clients have access to Beatrising’s piracy protection service in one easy click, and right after a release has been uploaded. Any infringing search engine listings also get removed almost in…

How Google Fights Piracy

Google has released an updated report on how it fights intellectual property rights infringement called “How Google Fights Piracy”; an extensive survey of how assorted Google products, including YouTu…

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Popularity of various streaming platforms have recently shot up due to simple user interface functioning. Streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, etc. have captured so many subscribers globally, that it has become a prerequisite for any artist to get their music on these stores.

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Beatrising music distribution services collaborates with many leading streaming platforms and download stores that have their operations spread out all over the world. Beatrising charges a percentage cut out of your royalties on sales basis that may vary according to the profile of the label or the artist, and will not only assist you in increasing your music’s visibility across some of the top streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music and Pandora, you will also have a fair opportunity of being listed in the top playlists amongst the widespread libraries present across these streaming stores as well.

The Spotlight service and the motivational quote of the day arrangement offered by Beatrising in addition to music distribution services are just what an artist needs on a day when he feels dull or too low. As part of this service, Beatrising brings some motivational quotes once mentioned by a famous artist. When artists view these beautiful words, they feel inspired to work on their own music and in turn, enhance the quality of music, which is available for listeners worldwide.

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