Monetization is a term that most enterprises are familiar with because of the obvious reason, we all love money. It makes life easy for everyone and as a result of the love we have for it, we always find new ways to bring it to ourselves. Now as musicians, it is important to know how to monetize your music. You are giving out beautiful sounds to the world, it is only fair that the world gives back to you.

Now you are probably wondering how to go about this, but we have you covered. On the internet, there are various ways to monetize your music – there is SoundCloud and YouTube, social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook – depending on the platform, the way you monetize is said to vary. However, Beatrising has provided a way to monetize your music with the use of YouTube, SoundCloud and Facebook.

After uploading your music on either one of these platforms, there are steps ready to be followed in order for you to make money from your music. The how-to do this question has been asked severally and it really is simple and has been spelt out for easy understanding. Upload your music and monetize with the aid of Beatrising on SoundCloud, YouTube and Facebook.

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