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An online music store when put in lay man English is just a music store online or a platform where music is sold on the internet. That basically defines it sort of and there are many online music stores across the globe, so many it becomes pretty difficult to decide which to go with. You don’t know which will fit your demands and you are tired of reading all the reviews you have read all to come to no decision, you are still torn between all of them. We’ve all been there at several points in time and I don’t mean music, I mean for our different reasons. We want to get a product but then there are so many sellers out there and let’s face it they all look good, at points like that it’d be really nice to have someone to make those decisions for us.

As the bringer of good news, I bring you good news – Beatrising now distributes to the best online stores worldwide. I told you we were going global and I meant it, you don’t have to worry your head about what store to work with – let that be our problem. Beatrising distributes to the best and the best of stores alone so you can be rest assured that your music is in

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